The Satanic Bible 2012 by Rev. Caesar 999 was published in 2011 and is the first Theistic Satanic Bible! This book was published several times before as The Satanic Bible, and Satan’s Divine Vampir Bible. This new version is the latest updated version! The cover price of this book is $9.00 but you can get it on sale for $8.50 from the George A. Hart Publishing Shop.

This book is for those interested in learning Caesar’s Spiritual Satanism 999. We are truly Spiritual, not just Theistic!

Spiritual Satanism is a more specific name for a form of Theistic Satanism. Many have confused these distinctions and others think they invented the term Spiritual Satanism when it has been used by many as another name for Theistic Satanism. The difference that I teach is that Spiritual Satanism is a truly Spiritual form of Theistic Satanism as opposed to other forms of Theistic Satanism that have no Spiritual or Sacred foundations.

Many Theistic Satanists have foundations and roots within laveyan concepts and principles and believe they have Traditional beliefs that can be traced back to ancient times. I do not believe this at all and I do not believe in the christian invention of Satan. Satan never existed as a deity. There were however many archetypal deities but they were part of separate ancient religions and not any real form of so-called Traditional Satanism.

Satan in our system is an aspect of Creation, Adversarial Creation. This is because I believe that Creation is its own Adversary. This Creation is a Universal Consciousness and can represent almost any deity, except the abrahamic god which we deny and oppose. This Creation is also Androgynous and represents many Gods and Goddesses. Therefore, it is both a Polytheistic and Monotheistic system at once as well as Pantheistic.

When we say Spiritual “Satanism 999” we are referring to the religion of Satanism 999 which is the most basic and simple term to use. The complete mystical spiritual name is Vampir Satanism 999. We drop the e on Vampir. Vampir here is symbolic of the Immortal Blood of Life, Immortal Being, the Sorcerer, and the Warrior-Priest which are more ancient definitions or aspects of a Vampire. In our system this becomes an evolving Spiritual Vampir. The 999 is our Satanic Trinity which includes our Satanic Creation deity, Man, and Woman. This is a completely new religion and not an inversion of christianity and it is truly spiritual and designed to become a New World Religion.

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